But what does it all mean?

So you've filled in the survey and waited patiently (and thanks for your patience!) for the results, and now some of them are out. But what do they mean?

Short answer: That's what we're working on now. (A learned academic paper on the subject is being written, due in september. We'll summarise it here.)

Longer answer: There is no real "right" or "wrong" answer to our questions. If you answered D for a question and you can see that most people answered E, that doesn't mean they were right and you were wrong. It is more likely that your experience is such that D is exactly the appropriate answer for your situation. It's also possible that D is what most experts advise so it may be that you are "right", at least with respect to what the experts say. The flip side is, just because you chose the same answer as the majority doesn't make you "right", but at least you can tell your boss lots of people agree with you!

So what do the experts say? Well it's hard to fully describe this in a few sentences (see the learned academic paper for details) but roughly: